[rescue] Octane clock battery

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Sep 24 09:58:44 CDT 2004

Joshua Boyd writes ...
> On my Octane I'm getting the Irix clock error messages on startup:
> Feb 28 01:04:11 4A:iris unix: |$(0x34)WARNING: preposterous time in file

I like that message.  Maybe UNIX should lighten up on the error messages:

Feb 28 01:04:11 4A:iris unix: QUESTION: Got a watch?
Feb 28 01:04:14 4A:iris unix: QUESTION: What time is it?
Feb 28 01:04:21 4A:iris unix: NOTICE: I don't think so.
Feb 28 01:04:31 4A:iris unix: NOTICE: Check with a reliable source.
Feb 28 01:19:19 4A:iris unix: OPINION: Time is a preposterous notion.
Feb 28 01:20:20 4A:iris unix: WARNING: Time means what I say it means.
Feb 28 25:61:61 4A:iris unix: FATAL: Space-time continuum isn't.


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