[rescue] SGI Challenge L systems available in Denver

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Mon Sep 20 00:15:42 CDT 2004

> I wish they'd sell HID dimming rear windows or rear-view mirrors...
> items that would convert the harsh light back into yellow light so I
> don't want to rip the lungs out of HID drivers... come to think of it
> I'd also like it on the windshield and all windows.
> Andrew

I did a bunch of research on it. Factory installed HID setups shouldn't
cause issues to other drivers (the lights are angled quite a bit
differently). The big issue is when people plug in these retrofit bulbs
(which generally aren't DOT approved). Then the angle causes an issue.

The odd thing is, I've never had much of a problem with the HID lights.
What kills me is the jacked up trucks that don't have the headlights
realigned. Maybe that is just an issue for us Virginians (and people in
NC, SC, etc).

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