[rescue] cobalt raq 3i

Curtis H. Wilbar Jr. rescue at hawkmountain.net
Sat Sep 18 22:00:24 CDT 2004

I know the list is not fond of x86 architecture... but at least
this isn't a Winbloze box...

I've just aquired this from a coworker.  It is a 3i so it
has the 2 ethernet, pci slot, and scsi buss.

I'm looking for a second drive bracket for inside ?  Anyone
here happent to have one out of a dead raq ???

I think the raq 3 and 4 (possibly the 2, and possibly newer?)
used the same drive bracket.

This has a 300mhz cpu, I've heard the k6-2+ runs cool, and
is a good option to move to 500MHz ? in one of these ?  Anyone
done that in a RAQ-3i ?  any pointers, advice ?  I may not 
bother for what I have planned for it... but if it is known
to work good and not cause heat problems I'm interested.

Also, plan on upgrading the ROM, and loading the RAQ4 or
550 OS on it to do mirroring ?

Unfortunately the second IDE header connector is not present
on my board, so looks like I'd have to either solder one in
or do my mirroring on master/slave on the primary buss.
Experiences ???


  -- Curt

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