[rescue] Starting Postfix (was: Building Sendmail 8.13.1)Z

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Sat Sep 18 19:39:17 CDT 2004

Jonathan C. Patschke writes ...
> On Sat, 18 Sep 2004, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> > So ... I guess it's installed.  It even sends mail out to
> > the internet.  It
> > won't send local mail, though, claiming the alias db is unavailable.
> run newaliases.

Did that.  Still complained.

Ran "postalias" but it doesn't seem to work witout some options ... so I'm
working on that next.

First, I had to dump the queue ...

Ever notice that all the slick Postfix HTML doco is about setup and
debugging, and none is about administrative tasks?

> > Now, my first question ... I don't see a start-up script or
> > anything else in
> > /etc/init.d that will start it.
> Right.  I'm pretty sure deleting the /etc/rc2.d/S50mail link and
> symlinking /usr/sbin/postfix to /etc/rc2.d/S50mail will do it.

OK.  No secrets, then?

I'll build something that rebuilds all the databases on the way in, respects
chkconfig, etc.  No prob, I just thought I'd missed a learning opportunity.

> If you don't have a /usr/sbin/postfix, hunt around for it.

That's where it lives on IRIX.  No prob.

> "sendmail" is also now a wrapper around the postfix mail
> system.  A lot
> of things will still work (like sending mail from
> /usr/lib/sendmail),

Once you link it to /usr/sbin/sendmail ... else postfix puts snippy comments
about your incompetence in the log.



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