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" > " On Thu, 16 Sep 2004, Phil Stracchino wrote:
" > " > LEDs for home lighting are coming, too.  There's a lot of companies that
" > " > have LED lighting solutions close to market.  Some of them even allow
" > " > you to dynamically adjust the color temperature of your lighting.
" > "
" > " They're becoming common for traffic uses too.  Lighted signs and
" > " car tail lights.
" > 
" > passed a fedex truck just the other night, with its flashers on.  they
" > were all led arrays, back and side!  only the fronts were still bulbs.
" They're getting quite popular on motorcycles which generally 
" have issues with their electrical systems and the load placed 
" upon them.  Having white LED "headlight" arrays for a 
" reasonable cost would be very helpful.
" LED arrays have also been "hot" for a while in the spelunking
" scene, since they can be made waterproof/impact proof much
" more easily than lamps.

also bicyclists.  if you want to eschew batts you can actually
generate a bright headlight without much drag.

then there are the astronomy fans with red-led flashlights...

" In the household, though, a lot of the energy efficiency 
" gains of switching to LEDs (and in using other DC devices)
"  is lost in the inefficiency of the AC-to-DC converters.

i don't think it's actually in the ac-dc but in the 110v to low
voltage step.  a bridge rectifier is pretty efficient at 110v for
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