[rescue] SGI Challenge L systems available in Denver

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Fri Sep 17 11:23:38 CDT 2004

" From: "meltie" <lists at microvax.org>
" From: "Nathan Raymond" <nate at portents.com>
" > What's really needed is a large AC->DC converter in the basement and new
" > DC outlets alongside AC outlets in houses, and devices that work with the
" > new DC outlets.  A large AC->DC converter can be made much more
" > efficiently than a small one.  The net energy savings would be *enormous*
" > if the US switched to a solution like this.  The amount of power lost on a
" > national scale to low efficiency AC->DC conversion is somewhere on the
" > order of 30-40% of all power.
" What about heat loss in the transmission lines from the converter in the
" walls to the DC sockets?

what devices are we talking about that really get along better with
dc, what voltage are we talking about, and how many of them can be
standardized to a common voltage without sacrificing efficiency?

if we're talking lights only, a houseful of leds probably wouldn't tax
a single 15-20a ckt even at 12v.
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