[rescue] SGI Challenge L systems available in Denver

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Thu Sep 16 12:14:45 CDT 2004

> My Challenge L lives comfortably in a closet under the stairs.  I have a
> fan-assisted duct going from the laundry room on the other side of the
> stairs, under the stairs, and into the closet.  The L blows a lot of heat
> out of one set of louvers on the lower left side, so I have another duct
> that is, well, duct-taped to the L and takes that air into the garage.
> This
> scheme does triple duty, keeping the laundry room better-ventilated,
> cooling
> the L, and warming the otherwise-unheated garage.

Ah pretty cool!

> The only hitch in any vent-the-heat-outside plan is that the air you're
> blowing out has to come from somewhere.  I think HVAC folks call this
> "make-up air."  If your HVAC system can warm or cool sufficient make-up
> air,
> it's not a big deal, but drawing in 100 cu.ft/min (or whatever) from
> outside
> should be a consideration in your plans, particularly if you live in an
> inhospitable climate.

Very true. For my setup I had hoped to move enough air outside to get rid
of the heat, but nothing more. Maybe a few small blowers, not huge fans.

I could never understand why they don't put return ducts in every room of
the house that has doors that might be fully closed :-)

> Here, it's no big deal much of the year.  We don't need A/C, so from
> mid-April to mid-October, the open windows allow plenty of make-up air.
> In
> the winter, I re-route the duct from the L to the garage and run it into
> the
> return-air side of the house heating system.  No air gets sent outside,
> and
> the L heats the whole house.
> -Shel

Sweet! When I had all of our systems in the dining room, we never turned
on heat until it got to about 28 degrees F outside. It was all in the
dining room near the stairs. You could feel the heat rolling from the
downstairs ceiling up the wall going upstairs.

Probably 25 amps of computer stuff humming (Indys, Sparc 20s and AMD
Athlons at the time).

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