[rescue] SGI Challenge L systems available in Denver

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Thu Sep 16 10:34:58 CDT 2004

 Ethan O'Toole wrote ...
[quoting Shawn, I think]
> > My plan for my Challenge XL is to vent the hot air coming
> > out the top
> > out the window with some ducting. The heat transfered through the
> > machine will be handled by the AC (which is capable of
> > keeping the room
> > (430sqft) at 10C all summer (with about 20 pc's running).
> > Thankfully the building manager is fairly clueless and is
> > charging me a
> > ridiculously low amount for power.
> > And winter is coming, so free AC ;-)
> > shawn
> Awesome!
> Do you find that it really increases the temperature in the room that
> much? Is it fully loaded?

My Challenge L lives comfortably in a closet under the stairs.  I have a
fan-assisted duct going from the laundry room on the other side of the
stairs, under the stairs, and into the closet.  The L blows a lot of heat
out of one set of louvers on the lower left side, so I have another duct
that is, well, duct-taped to the L and takes that air into the garage.  This
scheme does triple duty, keeping the laundry room better-ventilated, cooling
the L, and warming the otherwise-unheated garage.

The only hitch in any vent-the-heat-outside plan is that the air you're
blowing out has to come from somewhere.  I think HVAC folks call this
"make-up air."  If your HVAC system can warm or cool sufficient make-up air,
it's not a big deal, but drawing in 100 cu.ft/min (or whatever) from outside
should be a consideration in your plans, particularly if you live in an
inhospitable climate.

Here, it's no big deal much of the year.  We don't need A/C, so from
mid-April to mid-October, the open windows allow plenty of make-up air.  In
the winter, I re-route the duct from the L to the garage and run it into the
return-air side of the house heating system.  No air gets sent outside, and
the L heats the whole house.


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