[rescue] SGI Challenge L systems available in Denver

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Sep 15 16:22:40 CDT 2004

> I used to live in Atlanta, so I feel your pain.
> It's a pity that something-besides-air isn't used as a common
> heat-transfer
> mechanism for domestic use.  I've often thought of having some sort of
> "heating and cooling bus" that would let, say, the refrigerator transfer
> its
> surplus heat to the water heater, etc.  Given that you can use heat to
> cool
> (else how would "Servel" refrigerators work), or to generate electricity
> (reverse Peltier junctions), it would seem worthwhile to develop such
> things. Those of us with "big iron" at home could be at the forefront of
> such development, since we have, ummm, surplus heat to burn....
> -Shel

Hah! I've heard of systems on large buildings where the incoming air is
prewarmed by exiting air that heats a large rotating disc or set of discs
in a row.

Even if there was a way to easily dissapate the heat outside.

Unfortunatly due to the crazy real estate market where I live I'm now many
leaps farther away from home ownership... but someday when I have my very
own house, I shall vent my personal computers in to the attic or some
such. I haven't been able to run my octane for some time due to the heat
output, it heats like three rooms! I thought of a temporary solution using
the window .... but haven't tried to rig it up yet. I have the octane and
a rackmount athlon to vent.

XLs with 16 CPUs at 100% load don't feel terribly warm. Not like say a Sun
4800 at idle. Even the Origin 2000 and 3800 series systems weren't bad
compared to disk storage cabinets.

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