[rescue] Question about Iomega NAS Server

Zach Lowry zach at zachlowry.net
Tue Sep 14 21:47:59 CDT 2004

On Sep 14, 2004, at 12:34 PM, velociraptor wrote:

> Zach, another thing you might look at is the Snap Server
> <http://www.snapappliance.com>.  I used one of the 1U servers at
> a contract job @ the end of last year.  It wasn't great for what they
> thought they could use it for, but for SOHO and small workgroups,
> it'd be fine. And it *is* embedded Linux.

Well, I asked about these not too long ago on the list, and some folks  
boo-hooed them. To me, they seem similar to the Iomega offering, except  
for the fact that I know that these are upgradable. Do you happen to  
know the difference between the models? There's a 4100 and a 4200, and  
the only difference I can see is the initial capacity.

> The rack mountable one has one PCI expansion (SCSI card for
> tape drives).
> Recent ones are probably out of your price range, but maybe
> something off ebay with some bigger drives slapped in it?
> Google around and see what kind of hacking is going on with
> them.

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