[rescue] Please, educate me about Cisco Switches and their Model numbers

Ryan Loiselle sun-rescue at azonicnet.com
Tue Sep 14 17:00:19 CDT 2004


I would recommend the Cisco Catalyst 3500 Series of switches, they are
available in 12, 24, 48 port configurations, with the majority of the
ports being 10/100Mbps. There will be 2 100/1000Mbps ports on each model,
you can purchase them in a fixed TPE config or with modules that will
accept a Gbps fiber card or a Gbps TPE card. (Or if you want to be fancy a
3550-12t with 12x 1 Gbps ports)

The beauty of this device is that it does both layer 2 & 3 switching at
wire speed...  so you can assing ports as switch ports as a router
interface if you wish to do so..

Any more questions just ask... cisco at azonicnet.com

Ryan Loiselle
and SCSA in training ;)

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004, Zach Lowry wrote:

> Hey everyone (again) :)
> I'm looking at buying a new switch to replace the dinky little one that
> I've been using for years. I want a Cisco that has several blade slots,
> and is capable of 100Base-FX, 100Base-TX, and 1000Base-TX. It doesn't
> really have to do anything particularly fancy, just educate me about
> the Cisco OS and hook up all my machines. However, looking through
> eBay, I see tons of different chassis that all seem like they would
> provide what I need. Can someone recommend a good switch to meet my
> needs?
> Thanks!
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