[rescue] Question about Iomega NAS Server

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Tue Sep 14 12:34:37 CDT 2004

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004 14:11:57 +0000, Lionel Peterson
<lionel4287 at verizon.net> wrote:
> > From: Zach Lowry <zach at zachlowry.net>
> > I hate to reply to my own thread, but I'd really like to know more
> > about these beasts before I spend such a significant chunk of money on
> > one. Has anyone on the list ever used one? Are they worth having?  How
> > about compatibility? Even if I can't verify that it's upgradable, I'll
> > probably still get one because it's a pretty good deal, but if any of
> > you have any experiences with them, please let me know! :)

Zach, another thing you might look at is the Snap Server 
<http://www.snapappliance.com>.  I used one of the 1U servers at
a contract job @ the end of last year.  It wasn't great for what they 
thought they could use it for, but for SOHO and small workgroups, 
it'd be fine. And it *is* embedded Linux.

The rack mountable one has one PCI expansion (SCSI card for 
tape drives).

Recent ones are probably out of your price range, but maybe 
something off ebay with some bigger drives slapped in it?  
Google around and see what kind of hacking is going on with
> I put two 250 Gig USB HDs on the box, and decided to serve them up as 
>two seperate shares - I could have had a form of RAID, or even set up a 
>back up schedule to copy one drive to another on a schedule.

Sounds pretty sweet at first glance--what're the options for backup?


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