[rescue] Swap E3000 Procs

Michael Horton Michael.Horton at acntv.com
Tue Sep 14 11:35:16 CDT 2004

too tight or too loose is a BIG deal.

i worked with exx00 servers and the cpus would loosen (this is normal).
specific types of error messages, usually memory error messages (not
associated with a memory slot), would happen when a cpu had loosened.
any time one of these servers had hardware maintainence, etc., we would
tighten all the cpus.
(one server had a proclivity of loosening the cpus on a specific
systemboard more than others.)

the specs for the torque settings are available.
sun may give them to you, or your service providers.
i have seen the specs on either the sun-help or the sunmanagers mailing
(you might try asking there.)

there is also a specific order to torque the screws.
be sure to follow the correct order.
(the order is listed on the newer cpu modules and in the sun system
handbook for the older cpus.)

(i used one of the preset torque drivers and don't know the setting.)

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I've got a couple of 336 Mhz procs to replace 250's that I have in an
E3000. The replacement process seems straightforward, except I don't
have the official Sun torque driver to squinch down the new procs.

A couple of pages Google turned up seem to indicate Bad Things will
happen if you don't use the Sun tool and therefore have the procs either
too loose or too tight in their contact pads.

How much do I need to worry about this? How tight is "tight enough" if I
use a regular driver? Any other things I should be aware of? Anyone got
one of the Sun drivers they want to pass along? :-)

This machine will serve up production data, so I don't want to %#@*
things up if possible.


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