[rescue] OT: LPR & 9100

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Tue Sep 14 00:58:24 CDT 2004

John Michael Bischoff wrote:

> I dunno about 2003 specifically, but HP has a [free] product called 
> "install network printing wizard" to convince Redmondware that there is 
> such a thing as jetdirects.  Why don't you try to get HP-SUX to talk to 
> the jetdirects: one would presume it would be easier to get HP stuff 
> talking to other HP stuff than to insert a level of indirection.

You may want to look at CUPS. I'd be glad to discuss it offline if you
like. If implemented properly (which is easy to do), it will support
all sorts of printers from all sorts of systems.

At it's peak, my home network was 2 print servers running linux, 2 laser
printers, 2 inkjet printers and a plotter. I had 2 AUX systems, 2 other
linux systems several macintoshes (OS 7,9 and X) 2 solaris systems,
and 4 PC's running various windows systems. 

It also interfaced over a VPN with the other site down the street where
my son lives and my company has it's offices.

Now it's much simpler, I have 3 inkjets, 2 on windows systems, one
on a linux system, the aux suystems are on a shelf turned off :-(
and I use a Macinotsh (OSX) laptop for almost everything. 

But it all is brought together with CUPS and runs flawlessly except for
one HP inkjet which was designed for letter paper and A4 sticks out the
front and people keep bashing its "nose" in and jamming it.


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