[rescue] OT: LPR & 9100

Eric Webb ttlchaos at randomc.com
Mon Sep 13 23:52:13 CDT 2004

Apologize again -- this is off the topic of rescue but wishing to tap into the 
braintrust here.

Can someone explain to me the name of the "protocol" involved in printing to 
port 9100, usually on an HP JetDirect?  I believe this has nothing at all to 
do with LPR.


(Work is implementing SAP.  SAP runs on HP-UX machines, but forwards LPR 
requests to a Win2003 spooler before hitting the end devices - usu. 
JetDirects.  It's sick, and it ain't working well at all.  So far, it takes 4 
Win2003 machines to fly ~160 print queues, and things are still taking 30 
minutes just to print.  We're talking print jobs usually < 10K each.  Appears 
to be a strange protocol handshaking issue and isn't network/cpu/ram 
dependent.  Now, if anyone has any ideas on this, you win the big prize..)

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