[rescue] Re: Toolkits

James Rice jrice54 at vzavenue.net
Mon Sep 13 18:49:40 CDT 2004

>Hey, if you can't get the job done because you workplace won't buy the
>tool, then they obviously don't care if it doesn't get done.

Actually I prefer to own my tools.  That way I control by whom and where 
they get used.  Plus I am particular about my tools.

Wrenches - in a data center you always need sockets and wrenches.  I go 
for my second choice Craftman.  Snap-On is better but since I maintain a 
complete set both at home and work, Craftsman will do, and it's cheaper.
Screwdrivers - I actually need four types.  Klein for larger sizes, Wiha 
for esd, precision and insulated.
Pliers - Two types.  Hakko for small cutters, Klein for most others.  
I've used Ideal, Craftsman and others but through 27 years as an 
electrician I developed a definite preference for Klein tools.  Now in a 
new career, I still prefer them.
Strippers- Ideal fixed hole type.  I've got versions that cover #36 to #6.
Cable tools for punching down - Harris Dracon, accept no substitute.  
Also for butt sets, can wrenches and other telco type tools.  I do use 
Progressive Electronics toner tracers and testers.  I also have a 
Test-Um set that will identify multiple jacks at a time.
Meters - One word, Fluke.
Soldering tools.  I use Hakko.  A lot of people like Metcal but they are 
too pricey for the amount of soldering I do.  I also just picked up a 
Hakko SMD rework station off ebay.  Since I do occasionally do board 
level repairs, I also have a 10x/20x stereo microscope.  Hey I'm over 
50.  And I refuse to wear bifocals.
Flashlights - an assortment of Mag lights and a couple of new LED's.
Other stuff - Pana-vise and various heads, dry wall saw, Roto-zip saw, 
Dremel tool, hand nibbler, 1/2" & 3/8" drills both corded and cordless, 
roto-hammer drill (we have to anchor racks to the floor), cordless 
Sawz-All, two fish tapes (one metal and one fiberglass), hole saw kit, 
hacksaw. oscillioscope, logic probe set, bench power supply, variac, pc 
board drill bits, RS232 breakout box, FRS radios, Cat-5 cable testers, 
B&D cordless screwdrivers that run on AA batteries, a lot of driver 
bits, BX stripper, conduit benders, tubing cutter, AMP crimpers and 
dies, pop rivet set, Greenlee knock-out set, Tap-con anchor set. 

And a large Sears roll around tool box with good locks.


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