[rescue] WARNING after OBP upgrade and O/S, Patch Cluster install

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Fri Sep 10 05:46:28 CDT 2004

Hello all,

I just upgraded the OBP on an Ultra 5 to LATEST, then installed Solaris 9 and
the latest patch cluster, and I got the following message repeated 14, then 6,
and finally 15 times during power-up after patch install:

WARNING: add_spec: No major number for mpt

This Ultra 5 has an idle Sun dual-channel SCSI adapter with nothing attached
to it (at the moment), could these warnings be about the lack of devices on
the SCSI channels?

I understand these are only WARNINGS, but I've not seen this before, and any
help is appreciated.


lionel 4287 at verizon net

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