[rescue] Somewhat off-topic, but somewhat relevant...

Carl R. Friend crfriend at rcn.com
Thu Sep 9 20:34:24 CDT 2004

   Greetings rescuers!

   I've got a small problem at the moment.  My trusty old Nanao
Flexscan monitor is getting set to give up the ghost.  It manages
to successfully power up about 1 in 20 times (the rest of the time
it does an auto-shutdown).  This, as you might understand, be some-
what sub-optimal.  This beast has 5 BNCs on its backside, and
gracefully handles everything I've thrown at it (save DEC's SPX
graphics and a moderately high-end HP signal).

   What I'm after is recommendations as to what I should get next.
I'm after a 17-incher that can handle, at a minimum, 1280x1024 as
delivered by a Linux box; it also needs to be able to handle sync-
on-green for my SGI and Sun systems, and fully-separate sync for
my Clipper bits.  The laundry-list of systems is a Iris Indigo,
an Indigo2, a HP 715/100, assorted Sun kit (none of them with "high-
end" graphics), an IBM X-station 130, an IBM POWERstation-220,
and an Intergraph InterPro-2020.


   Many thanks to whomever offers me ideas for an affordable
replacement.  If you're in the New England area, those thanks
may translate into beer (travel, at the moment, is right out).


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