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Ido Dubrawsky idubraws at dubrawsky.org
Thu Sep 9 10:20:10 CDT 2004

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> Subject: [rescue] F/S E250
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> Had a deal go bad, and now I have an E250 for sale.
> 2x250Mhz, 1GB RAM, CDROM, no disk, no skins. $200 or make me a reasonable offer.
> I'd also be willing to take some trade goods -
> I'm interested in a PCI QFE, a SUNPCi II or better, DLTIV media in groups of
> seven, maybe other Sun/SGI/PC stuff.
> Would prefer local DC area sale; I really don't want to ship this beastie if I
> can help it.
> If interested, please drop me a line off list.
> Housecleaning stuff for sale/giveaway will follow in a couple of days.
> Dave Muran-de Assereto


  I e-mailed earlier in the week expressing interest in the box but haven't
heard back from you.  Please contact me at this e-mail address so we can talk.
I'm in Silver Spring.

ido at dubrawsky.org
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