[rescue] Looking for Cheap or Free VaxStation 3100 Etc.

sirloxelroy at softhome.net sirloxelroy at softhome.net
Wed Sep 8 16:59:58 CDT 2004

I have a copy of VaxVMS 7.1 and 7.2 (Talk about CD's 7.2 has 14 of them
IIRC).  And would like to find a cheap but working 3100 or other desktop
VaxStation with SCSI and CD Capable (I don't care if it requires external
SCSI CD in a case as I am a SPARC Fanatic and have more than a couple
lying around that would work :-) (The one I have now requires 5.25"
Floppies :-(  )).  Anyone that has one cheap, it doesn't have to look
good, just function, I just want to try it, let me know. 

              Chris Brandstetter
              Lincoln BFE Nebraska 


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