[rescue] For sale: Cray, two Challenge XLs, switch for trade, etc

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Wed Sep 8 13:43:29 CDT 2004

Just incase anyone is interested I have 3 larger systems for sale and some
other goodies for sale/trade.

First is a Cray J932se, 3 cabinet with 32 CPUs. SWS Sun Workstation (sparc
5). A load of HIPPI cables is included. More details and pictures
availible, email me. Some scratches on cabinets, but otherwise in good
condition. Front plastic piece IS INTACT, as are all three front doors.
Asking $4500. No disks, no OS, no manuals (it came from ubercrazy secure
gov't place, they had machine gun at the gate!, they took the disks, I
never got to see them. They put up curtains so we couldn't see into the
data center, and had 4 people watching us unhook the cabinets from each
other. That whole adventure is worth a very long story in itself). This is
the real deal.


Challenge XL #1, bottom door hinges broken (But hangs on by magnetic
strip). 6 R10k 195mhz CPUS w/ 1mb CACHE, 256mb of RAM, a disk or two, FDDI
card. Asking $350 local pickup. (220 volts, single phase). Can chip in
extra IO4 board and some other goodies.


Challenge XL #2, perfect doors, 6 R10k 195mhz CPUS w/ 2mb CACHE. 2046mb of
RAM (2 gigs awwyea), 5+ disks, CD-ROM, FDDI, 100mbps ethernet, etc. Quite
a system for $650. Local pickup. (220 volts, single phase)



Cabletron Smartswitch MMAC Plus 9000. LOADED with extras! Its full,
including two Cisco 4500M routers w/ 8 T1 serial ports each (9W111-08
boards). It has 96+ ports of 10mbps goodness. It has 15 or so 100baseT
ports. It has 24 100baseFX ports and an extra 100baseFX blade. Also LOTS
of FDDI! I have quite a few 12 port fddi blades NEW IN BIZZOX! 4 line LCD
and the fans SCREAM. Raise your noise floor and eliteness level with this
crazy thing. I believe the FDDI cards are switched, so you could drop 8 12
port FDDI cards in there and say eat me to 100mbps ethernet! It even has
bar graphs for the load on the power supplies. Complete invetory and
pictures availible.

Also have 2 extra power supplies and extra environmental module. This is a
big rackmount mama, about the size of a 6509 but weighs less. Alot of
money invested in it (Cisco blades, 100mbps blades)... now have way too
many switches.

Looking for 4u rackmount cases for ATX boards, IDE disks 60gb+...x86
servers... Stuff to use for cool public projects. A few Canon A40 or A60
digital cameras or S100 to S300 cameras would be acceptable and useful!



Quad fast ethernet Sun PCI cards: $100 each (2 availible)

SGI Indy GIO32 FDDI cards $30 each (4+ availible)

Cisco 7507, RSP2, dual AC, a few cards (email me for invetory), with
 rack kit - $750. Local pickup.

DEC Alphaserver 1000s, $250 each (can invetory upon interest). Local pickup.


Cabletron switches, 24 x 10mbps, 1 x 100mbps (forget model #)
  Rackmount ears included. Fully managed!

Located in Southeastern Virginia. 4 hours from Raleigh, 4 hours from DC.
VIRGINIA BEACH REPRESENT!  If your local and reading this, you need to
email me!

Would like to move asap. Lack of job a few months back hurt heavily, lack
of space at the clubhouse and power bills scream "pay me"

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