[rescue] Today's rescue

Wai-Sun Chia waisun.chia at hp.com
Wed Sep 8 01:21:29 CDT 2004

Jonathan C. Patschke wrote:
> On Tue, 7 Sep 2004, Steve Hatle wrote:
>> Responding to a posting from our local FreeCycle list, I went out at 
>> lunch
>> today and came home with:
>> "homer" - VAX 4000-705A
> Ooooooh!  You Bastard!  That's a lovely system!  Really -really- nice
> really fast deskside VAX.

Bastard is correct!! :-)
That is the _LAST_ and the _FASTEST_ of the NVAX processors!
Coming in at an astounding 45 VUPS and 280 TPS!


Treat her with pride and she'll serve you well! :-)
She can run NetBSD 1.6.1 too!


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