[rescue] Ultra 2 power and cmsd question

Ryan Thoryk ryan at tliquest.net
Tue Sep 7 17:41:47 CDT 2004

First of all my trusty Sun Ultra 2 has been having some strange power
issues lately.  I've been checking the power contacts inside, peripherals,
and drives.  What happens is that the system has a tendency to just shut
off completely at random times.  It used to be much more regular; about 5
minutes after I started it up, but now after checking it I've got it to
stay up for maybe a day without problems.  Has anyone had similar issues
with any Sun machines?  There can't be any overheating problems (all 4
fans are running fine).  I'm probably going to get out the multimeter and
check some power circuits.

My second question is this: is anyone familiar with a good alternative to
the Solaris calendar server (rpc.cmsd) that runs on Linux/x86?  I've been
planning on setting up a centralized network calendar service, but am
trying to have it run on the Linux server.  Some client software I'm
planning on using with it include dtcm, possibly Ximian Evolution, etc.
The Linux box is running Debian Woody.

Ryan Thoryk
Unix and Network Specialist
CTO of Pacific Island Software, Inc.
Student at Taylor University
ryan at tliquest.net
ryan_thoryk at tayloru.edu

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