[rescue] E4500 questions

Michael Horton Michael.Horton at acntv.com
Sun Sep 5 20:04:02 CDT 2004

heat sinks also just come loose with "age".
i have this happen to a dozen of these system boards just sitting/running in
servers that were never moved after installation.

sun told me the "glue" loses its ability to hold the heat sinks in place
(and, if there are plastic clips, they get brittle).

i have had this happen to least a dozen of these system boards.

sun replaces the system boards if they are under contract
(and i have replaced a dozen of these system boards).

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> I just bought an E4500 and promptly found two of the heat sinks off
> the 501-4882 system board... googling found Sun memo saying it
> was a repair item (dated 4/01)...
> Anybody have suggestions/recommendations for this problem? Can you
> re-glue the heatsinks (with what)? just replace the board?

I'd suggest looking for a replacement board, since you don't know if they fell
off while the machine was in operation (possibly baking a part or two), or in
transit (easily the most plausable explaination) - either way, the loose
heatsinks are a symptom of a larger problem (rough handling), the extent of
which is unknown right now...

Of course, having said that, I'm sure I'd consider starting the machine with
them off ;^)
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