[rescue] OT: Looking for helpdesk app

velociraptor velociraptor at gmail.com
Sat Sep 4 10:57:45 CDT 2004

On Sat, 4 Sep 2004 00:43:16 -0400, Eric Webb <ttlchaos at randomc.com> wrote:
> I know this isn' teven  hardware-related, but the collective genius contained
> in here...
> Anyway, does anyone have experience with an open-source (read: free) web-based
> helpdesk/ticket-tracking software that I can set up for a local church?  Id
> rather not roll my own.  I don't have a desired functionality list... right
> now I'd be happy with the ticket tracking idea alone.

I found this while looking for a FAQ system (it's an add-on to this):


Uses basic stuff--Apache, MySQL, etc.

I haven't set it up yet--not sure we want the overhead of RT (small
though it is) to get ~FAQ functionality.

Anyone have any suggestions for FAQ-like systems?  I've used 
FAQ-o-Matic, and don't think it's really what I want.  I'm looking 
for something to put our internal documentation into.  I've looked 
at some of the "simple" blog/wiki combos (antville, snip-snap), 
and they still seem like too much.

All I'm trying to do is get the docs into a central repository, with 
a little bit of meta-info (i.e. basic categories of "what is this?") 
and some basic search capabilities.

I *have* to get this stuff out of our email--it's making me crazy
(well, it's a contributor--mostly the clients make me crazy).


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