[rescue] what to do with IPC and IPX ?

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Sun Oct 31 21:27:27 CST 2004

 Patrick Giagnocavo writes ...

> I have an IPC and an IPX.
> Any suggestions as to what is a good use for them?

Isn't the IPC limited to 48 megs of RAM or something?

I have an IPX, too.  64 megs, which is OK for Solaris 2.51 ... but I imagine
something lighter would make for a happier box.

I expect the IPX would be OK, even better-than-OK, for all those lightweight
services that clutter things up on your bigger/faster boxs.  Things like
NTP, DHCP, SSH in from outside, various monitors, TFTP/BOOTP for netbooting
and jumpstart installs, wgetting stuff from the 'net, maybe even DNS and
SMTP/POP3.  Basically, anything that is either limited by your connections
speed to the 'net, where the packet traffic is pretty low, or it's in a cron
job and you don't have to watch it happen.

The only things I've found that my Classic (slightly faster than an IPX)
won't handle gracefully is tape backup to a DLT.  It'll _do_ it, mind you,
it just doesn't do it fast enough to keep the tape streaming.

Those lunchboxes are small, quiet, don't use much power, and will outlast us


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