[rescue] Sun 20D10 monitor adjustments

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Sun Oct 31 11:34:25 CST 2004

Does anyone know how to adjust the horizontal hold on a Sun 20D10
monitor (or whether it's even adjustable at all)?

I just pulled together all four of our spare 20D10s to test, one from
the back room which we only use for storage because the glass in both
windows is cracked, the other three from the shed.  Three of the four
are dead as doornails; one, the one from the back room, actually spat
blue sparks at me.  (I think a mouse peed in it.)  The remaining monitor
appears to work, except that horizontal hold is completely gone.  I took
the case off one of the dead ones looking for the location of the
adjustment trimmers, if any, but couldn't find a damned thing.  If
there's a way to adjust the horizontal hold on #4, it's saveable; if
not, it's effectively as dead as the other three.

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