[rescue] Rack Onyx Rescue (was: 'Swirl" Indigo faceplate)

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Sat Oct 30 12:11:26 CDT 2004

On the Sun Rescue list on sunhelp.org, r.stricklin wrote ...

> Speaking of SGI rescues...
> I'm not normally one to brag about a find, but I'm just tickled pink 
> about this loaded Onyx rack I received at my warehouse yesterday.
> 2 GB in 64 MB memory modules, across 3 MC3s
> 1 IP25 - 4x 195 MHz R10000
> Optional third cardcage
> Dual pipe InfiniteReality, both with 8-channel DG4 and 64 MB TRAM RM6
> Sirius Video option
> ASO Audio Serial option
> 2x HiPPI
> VFE fast ethernet

Nice "personal computer," that.

On the Web, I found the original price quote for a similarly-scaled rack
Challenge; $2,800,000 when new, with base Oracle and 5 years of support.
> I even have a couple more quad CPU IP25s lying around, that I could 
> throw in.

Since you've got all those slots to play with, wanna trade one 4xR10k/IP25
for two 2xR10k/IP25 and an MC3?  I've got more cards than I can jam in my
Challenge, so I'm looking for higher density.  


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