[rescue] 'Swirl" Indigo faceplate

james james at jdfogg.com
Sat Oct 30 04:05:04 CDT 2004

On Sat, 2004-10-30 at 01:14, Seidl, David . wrote:
> I lucked into my first SGI today - an Indigo with Elan graphics and 96 MB RAM
> as far as I can tell, although there isn't a badge on the front as seems
> common for most. It even has what I think is a dual FDDI card (yes Pat, you
> can come try to talk me into FDDI again). The interesting thing from what I
> can determine is that it came with an extra front bezel that I've never seen
> before, and that I can't find a reference to (perhaps because of lack of
> knowledge). I can best describe it as a purple and indigo swirl with a
> standard Indigo door. Images at:
> http://www.daemonsite.com/indigo/

That looks like what happens when they change colors on an injection
molding machine. There were a few prototype original Macs that had that
look. It would definatly be from an engineering lab if that's what it

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