[rescue] 'Swirl" Indigo faceplate

Ethan O'Toole ethan at 757tech.net
Sat Oct 30 01:07:37 CDT 2004

> I lucked into my first SGI today - an Indigo with Elan graphics and 96 MB
> as far as I can tell, although there isn't a badge on the front as seems
> common for most. It even has what I think is a dual FDDI card (yes Pat,
> you
> can come try to talk me into FDDI again). The interesting thing from what
> I
> can determine is that it came with an extra front bezel that I've never
> seen
> before, and that I can't find a reference to (perhaps because of lack of
> knowledge). I can best describe it as a purple and indigo swirl with a
> standard Indigo door. Images at:
> http://www.daemonsite.com/indigo/
> Anybody have any idea where the interesting bezel might have come from,
> and if
> I have something different? I was told by the sysadmin who worked in the
> department when it came in that at least some of the gear came straight
> from
> SGI's labs and testing environments.
> David

Wierd! Never seen one myself, but there have been some odd things to show
up on the 'net from time to time. There was someone who had an Indigo that
had a bunch of signatures or some such up on eBay. If I recall they were
either screen printed or molded.

You have a very unique one!

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