[rescue] Sun SPARCstation Voyager battery

Klaasjan Brand sunrescue at kjb.dds.nl
Tue Oct 26 05:14:57 CDT 2004

On Tue, 2004-10-26 at 11:38, Goten wrote:
> Model number LIP-7 (what is actually written on the battery)
> Spare number X911A
> Lithium-Ion 14.4V 6A battery block designed for the Voyager.
> I have only found one site so far that actually has any in stock. Just 
> under $500. :/
> I have one existing battery, but it refuses to charge; anyone got any ideas?
> _______________________________________________

I've once found a battery "repair" company in the Netherlands. They could fix
almost every type of battery by cutting it open and replacing the cells.
It wasn't guaranteed to work since they had to glue the batteries shut and they
sometimes come out a bit thicker, but at least it was cheaper than buying new
batteries (and better than having no batteries at all ;)


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