[rescue] WTB: Cisco 5000 parts

Mark Price mark at tqhosting.com
Tue Oct 26 00:01:14 CDT 2004

Hello folks. 

I have a Catalyst 5000 chassis with a Supervisor III card in it.  It is 
a very cool beefy looking box, but unfortunately, not very useful as 
is.  I have been keeping an eye on ebay, but I wanted to ping this list 
for sources of cards too.  From the reading I have done, I think I 
really want the netflow feature card and route switch processor to be 
able to do layer 3 switching (routing).  But I'd also be interested in 
regular Ethernet and FDDI cards so I can put the switch in my network.

I also rescued a Compaq 1850R server, I need to buy some drive sleds 
(SCA), if anyone has some.


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