[rescue] Sun Tuner on Ebay

Jeff Cole jeff at flambe.org
Mon Oct 25 15:08:19 CDT 2004


 From the auction:

This Sun Tuner is a compact external hardware device which allows you to receive 
video input from cable TV, antenna, VCR, etc. and outputs an analog video 
signal. Audio is passed straight through. Channel selection, fine tuning, and 
audio mute/unmute is handled through software via the serial port. There are 
four connections; video out (RCA phono jack), antenna (RG6), audio out, (1/8" 
mini stereo) and serial I/O. Item includes all cables; video, antenna, audio, 
and serial I/O, as well as A/C adapter. Software (Solaris 1.x binaries & Solaris 
2.x packages) is also included.

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