[rescue] Sun 3/180 help requested

Patrick Finnegan pat at computer-refuge.org
Sun Oct 24 21:29:02 CDT 2004

So, I've tried booting my Sun 3/180, and can't get it to work.  With the 
switch set to "diag" on the back, I get the following output:

Boot PROM Selftest

PROM Checksum Test
DVMA Reg Test
Context Reg Test
Segment Map Wr/Rd Test
Segment Map Address Test
Page Map Test
Memory Path Data Test
NXM Bus Error Test
Interrupt Test
TOD Clock Interrupt Test
MMU Access Bit Test
MMU Access/Modify Bit Test
MMU Invalid Page Test
MMU Protected Page Test
Parity Test
 Err 9: Bad parity should cause nmi

So, it suggests there's a problem with the CPU board.  Does anyone have a 
spare 3/180 or 3/280+memory laying around?  Alternatively, I could 
probably try to replace the "broken chip", assuming I can find a 
replacement, and a decent enough documentation to see what's going 

So, if anyone has something I could use, that would be much 
appreciated. : )

Purdue University ITAP/RCS        --- http://www.itap.purdue.edu/rcs/
The Computer Refuge               --- http://computer-refuge.org

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