[rescue] Poor Man's WiFi extender

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at mail.zill.net
Sat Oct 23 18:18:02 CDT 2004

On Sat, Oct 23, 2004 at 04:08:33PM -0700, Sheldon T. Hall wrote:
> I dunno.
> The main inconvenience of the ship-interrupted connection is that the VPN
> connection to the office drops off.  The interruptions aren't long enough to
> notice on almost anything else. I don't know if I can "dual-route" MS PPTP
> VPN connections, but I'm betting not.

There are some tools that will reconnect a failed connection, liek
"burrow" a TCL script I came across.

> If someone knows a general-purpose way to split a connection from one
> computer to a distant one over two parallel routes, I'd love to knowabout
> it.

You would have to do some math, but buying a WiFi device that can do
dual antennas for "antenna diversity" might do the trick.  Then
install them X number of feet apart.  When one antenna signal gets
weak, the other antenna is used.  I can dig up the math for the
calculation from the WLAN book I have, I think.  

You would need to know the length of the boat, about how far it is
from the antenna, how far away the other antenna is from the boat, and
the height of the boat.

Alternatively, buying a cheap 30' tower for your antenna from Radio
Shack or whatever might fix the problem completely.


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