[rescue] Poor Man's WiFi extender

Sheldon T. Hall shel at cmhcsys.com
Fri Oct 22 16:39:02 CDT 2004

 Wes Will groans ...
[I said]
> >I really, really love my job.

> And I REALLY REALLY REALLY despise mine, 

Time to move!

> lead technician at a University help desk.  Under-payed,
> under-utilized (I'm still answering "I forgot my
> password...again....yes, it's the fourth time this week...." 
> calls) and not at ALL appreciated. 

I have a lot of respect for folks who can do "hell desk" well.  There are
far too few of 'em.  It's the toughest job in the house, too.

I assume you've read the BOFH chronicles.

> How did you get your telecommuting job,

I didn't start off telecommuting, and, in all honestly, probably couldn't
have.  The company's products are sufficiently proprietary that total
cultural immersion is the best way to get up to speed.

I worked at company HQ for a couple of years before I came back to the west
coast and started telecommuting.

> and do they need any more? 

I dunno.  Hit http://www.cmhcsys.com and have a look.  If you see something
interesting, contact me off-list.

> I've a Master's in IT, specializing in information security, a BS in 
> industrial engineering and technology, and an AAS in electronics.

Our VP of Ops is some sort of ex-spook.  He says "Armed Forces Data
Security" but I think you spell that "CIA."  It sounds like you two would
have a few things to talk about.  Read up on HIPAA before you talk to him,
though.  If you're a super-expert SQL weenie with heavy Java and a
networking clue or two, I expect you might find the VP of ProdDev
interested, no matter what's on the website.


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