[rescue] Interest in a repository for old documents and brochures

Skeezics Boondoggle skeezics at q7.com
Thu Oct 21 17:56:43 CDT 2004

On Thu, 21 Oct 2004, "Sheldon T. Hall" wrote:

> Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez writes ...
> [of http://bitsavers.org/ ...]
> > Cool, I didn't know about that project. I am not
> > interested in getting rid of the physical stuff, but
> > rather provide copies in electronic form so that people
> > can access them.
> My strong impression is that Al will send the stuff back ... I'm sure
> Mr. Boondoggle of this list hopes so, since all his Perq disks'n'doco
> got picked up when Al made his PNW swing....

Yes, Al sends back the originals.  I don't think he'd have enough room to 
store all that stuff if it was just a one-way trip. :-)

He's been making fantastic progress not only scanning documents, but
reading through and creating images of all those floppies I sent with him.  
As he mentioned during his visit, in some cases the stuff he scanned is no
longer available; one-of-a-kind docs that were burned up in a fire, for

I have a bunch of marketing stuff too, and Al's more than willing to host
it on Bitsavers, but is more interested in scanning documentation,
schematics, and technical stuff.  The glossies are fun, but not as
critical.  So for all my PERQ and Cray stuff, I just have a regular
flatbed scanner, and I'm still trying to figure out the best settings so
that people can see a low-res (72-100dpi?) version or a detailed (300+dpi)  
version if they want - whether those should be .jpg, .pdf, or just raw
TIFF... seems every OS and browser in the universe wants to treat high-res
stuff differently...

So while I might ask Bitsavers to have a "marketing stuff" folder for the
raw scans (so it's all in one spot, with the technical docs and software
archive) I'll also set up my own PERQ-specific pages and do some nicer
layout, add commentary, etc.  As soon as I get myself organized, I hope to
help mirror the bitsavers.org site as well, to alleviate bandwidth AND
provide another redundant copy.  Already bitsavers.org is like a great
book store or library - there is so much cool stuff there you can get lost
for hours. :-)  It's a great resource and deserves our support.

-- Chris

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