[rescue] Interest in a repository for old documents and brochures

Francisco Javier Mesa-Martinez lefa at ucsc.edu
Thu Oct 21 15:08:57 CDT 2004

So... we just completed a whole departamental move to a 
new building. In the process I ended up with a metric 
buttload of SUN, SGI, Alias, etc. brochures, tech reports, 

Some of it is quite fascinating, i.e. Pixar and Wavefront 
brochures describing the Image Computer, Old SUN 3 
marketing brochures, really old SGI magazines and system 
brochures, CRAY reports and what not.

I have always loved old techno propagandish stuffs as a 
sort of historical snapshot. And to see the systems that 
now look yellow and old to see them in the context of 
their historical introduction, when they looked shiny and 

In any case, I may be able to set up a small site with 
scans of these things. Unless someone already has a 
similar project and I don't think that duplication of 
efforts would be a good thing...

So the general questions are:

1) Is there any sort of interest in this project
2) what is the best approach for scanning these pamflets, 
brochures, tech reports, etc.
3) any sort of software out there to automatize the 
archival and presentation/serving process?


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