[rescue] FS/FT: Sun X7053A / 4 x 501-5401

Gutschner, Marc marc.gutschner at itandfactory.com
Mon Oct 18 02:00:09 CDT 2004

I've got two of the above mentioned DIMM kits lying around. Compatible machines are listed here:
http://sunsolve.sun.com/handbook_pub/Devices/Memory/MEM_X7053A.html <http://sunsolve.sun.com/handbook_pub/Devices/Memory/MEM_X7053A.html> 

Can anyone (preferrably in Germany/continental Europe ;-)) put them to use in their equipment? Since I don't have much money in these, I'd love to trade them for a (working ;-)) 501-4196 or 501-4849 (USII/300MHz) or some more RAM (64MB sticks) for my Ultra2. But I'm open to all kinds of offers as long as they don't require me renting an U-Haul ;-)
PS: The CPU I've had trouble with appears to be DOA - the machine doesn't like it even as the only CPU. I've already contacted the seller and hope to get that sorted out soon...

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