Subject: [rescue] Sun 220R and 250

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at
Sun Oct 17 21:05:50 CDT 2004

At 12:57 PM 10/17/2004, ghubbard_adsl wrote:
>Anyway, I'm trying to figure which parts I can steal from the 250 to flush
>out the 220R.  From the Sun site, going thru the parts lists of both 
>boxes, memory, video card, and
>DVD.  But it doesn't look like the CPU's will swap. But it seems like they 
>would.   The 250 handles the 300 and
>400, and the 220R handles 360 and 450. So, perhaps it's a clock issue, but 
>wanted to know if
>anybody knew if the  400's would work in the 220R. I was wondering if 
>they'd just clock down to 360. (not
>optimal, but would get me working with this box...) If not, then I can 
>always use them in the U2 I have, and
>probably ultimately will, when I upgrade the 220R to a 420R. The 220R is a 
>U60 motherboard from what I can tell, so if
>someone had tried  the 400's on a U60 and cansay if they work, that would 
>be helpful as well.
> >>
>The clock multiplier on the USII is locked against the UPA speed.
>If you put a 450MHz 220r processor in a 250 it gets clocked
>down to 400MHz (a 1:4 multiplier on a 112.5MHz/100MHz FSB).
>This seems to works very well.

Ok, so there is hope....

>I'm fairly certain that a 400MHz E250 processor would run at 450MHz (4 x 
>112.5) or 480MHz (4 x 120)
>in a 220R - if it runs at all.

So, anybody have any experience "overclocking" USII's?   Someone here must 
have tried something
similar to this....(I know I've under utilized SM81's...)

Once I get a power supply, unless someone can tell me that this would 
damage the CPU's to try,
I figure it's worth a go....esp given how much I put into this 8-).  (And 
no lines on a "reasonably priced"
power supply so far....Sun wants $650-ish...blah...)


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