[rescue] another item from the garage..

laz at moaa.net laz at moaa.net
Sun Oct 17 14:39:49 CDT 2004

Looking for a good home:
  DEC LG02 line printer.  Working shape.
  pics at http://moaa.net/laz/rescue/MVC03597.JPG through 3601.JPG.

  have about $75 in new ribbions (last year) that I'd like to get back out of it, 
  offers and trades considered.

  FC-AL drive array, no disks.  Think this was a Netapp array, just the JOBD part, no controller.
  these have the DB9 copper plugs on back of the array.
  not much in these..


  2 21? 20? inch cornerstone monitors, have 13w3 connectors on the back, think they are wired for SGI.

  all for pickup in Hampstead, NH.


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