[rescue] Dec PCI cards

Phil Stracchino alaric at caerllewys.net
Sun Oct 17 12:50:19 CDT 2004

On Sun, Oct 17, 2004 at 11:28:57AM -0600, Dan Duncan wrote:
> On Sun, 17 Oct 2004, Phil Stracchino wrote:
> > > I'd have to get a second Alphaserver, but a home Trucluster IS on my to-do
> > > list.  I start a new job tomorrow supporting several again.  If you really
> > > don't want them, and cookies aren't an option, I'd like them.  Is
> > > there a cable?
> >
> > Sorry, no, I don't have the cable.
> I wonder how unobtanium it is...
> > You say you need a second Alphaserver to go with them...?  ;)  How about
> > some StorageWorks gear with that?  :)
> I assume my SWXCR won't work as shared storage, so I might be.
> What do you have?  I have a box of -VA SBBs so if you have
> any Storageworks gear that holds those, I'd prefer it.  Do you
> have any HSZ40, 50, or 70 RAID controllers?

I have ten BA350-SB arrays which will hold -VA canisters, 26 or so disk
canisters (mostly containing 4.3G disks, a few empty), and four BA350-MA
chassis.  Two of the -MAs contain two HSZ40 controllers each, the other
two contain HSZ50s (total four of each controller), all with the
associated cache/battery cards.  There's also about eight or ten of the
5v cache battery modules that also fit in the BA350-SBs, but I have no
idea if the batteries are still any good.  Most of the BA-350s have two
power supplies; one or two of them have only one.

Between the two AS4100s, there are the following PCI cards:
 - 3 DEC 54-23663-01 memory channel cards
 - 3 DEC 54-22494 i960-based Wide SCSI controllers (RAID, I assume)
 - 1 DEC 54-24739 Qlogic-based wide-SCSI adapter
 - 2 DEFPA FDDI adapters, single-port
 - 2 DEFPA dual-port FDDI adapters
 - 1 Digital DE500 10/100 ENET NIC

One of the two AS4100s has two EV5 300MHz CPUs and 1.5GB RAM (two 256MB
boards, two 512MB boards), the other has no RAM, no CPU.  Each has one
power supply.  I believe I have all required cables except for the
memory channel cables.  And I have rackmount kits for everything in
sight, and then some.

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