[rescue] Sun 220R and 250

Earl D. Baugh Jr. earl at baugh.org
Sat Oct 16 18:30:20 CDT 2004

Got some more questions.

I recently got a Sun E250 box (dual 400 Mhz processors, DVD, 2GB ram, 4 
36GB drives, PGX video card) for the huge cost
of "come pick it up".   And this week, I just got a 220R chassis with 
motherboard  (from epay) for the huge cost of $1.
(from a local site, just had to pick it up).  No CPU's, Memory or power 
supplies.    And yes, sometimes God likes me.
(4 U2's in various states of parts also arrived as part of the "come pick 
it up" but those got re-built into 3 working boxes
and are on their way to some work buddies....yes, I share the wealth where 
I can...)

Anyway, with my current computer room, now that I've got the 4 post rack 
set up, I'd rather have the 220R than the 250.
My computer room is very tall, but not as much floor space as the old 
place.   The rack has "just enough" space for
the 220R (and I figure, I've got the potential to upgrade the 220R to a 
420R....I'd at least save the case, and be able
to go to 4x CPU instead of 2x in both the 220R and 250....and there is that 
issue of "white noise" difference with
the 250 vs the 220R...though from what I read, it's probably not all that 

Anyway, I'm trying to figure which parts I can steal from the 250 to flush 
out the 220R.  From the Sun site, going
thru the parts lists of both boxes, memory, video card, and DVD.  But it 
doesn't look like the CPU's will swap.
But it seems like they would.   The 250 handles the 300 and 400, and the 
220R handles 360 and 450.
So, perhaps it's a clock issue, but wanted to know if anybody knew if the 
400's would work in the 220R.
I was wondering if they'd just clock down to 360. (not optimal, but would 
get me working with this box...)
If not, then I can always use them in the U2 I have, and probably 
ultimately will, when I upgrade the 220R to a 420R.
The 220R is a U60 motherboard from what I can tell, so if someone had tried 
the 400's on a U60 and can
say if they work, that would be helpful as well.

Lastly, if anybody is in the Atlanta area and wants to trade something for 
a E250 chassis, give me a holler
(it takes pretty much all the parts from a U2, and gives you a way to add 6 
drives instead of 2...even uses
the same sleds)  I of course need power supplies for the 220R, and the 
plastic "V" thingy on the left front...
and of course $$ always is the right size and color 8-)


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