[rescue] Mitsubishi MF356F-258MD

Geoffrey S. Mendelson gsm at mendelson.com
Sat Oct 16 17:57:55 CDT 2004

Phil Stracchino wrote:
> Anyone know if there's anything funky or special about this 2.88M
> floppy drive?  There's one bank of jumpers labelled DS0..DS2, with DS1
> jumpered.  Anyone know what they're for and how they should be set?

The drive select jumpers are to identify which drive (a,b,c,d) the drive is.
IBM did not like to have a drive that needed to be modified why you
put in in the a or b position, so they "invented" the twisted floppy

If you are putting it into a PC or it's children and have a twist in the
floppy cable, it should set to DS1. Putting it in the twisted end will
make it drive A, in the straight connector (usually in the middle), 
it will be drive B.

AFIK since the IBM PX/XT came out, no one has made a PC floppy controller
that will support more than two floppy drives.

Some CP/M and other systems actually used the DS jumpers properly, so it
may depend upon what system you hook them up too.

Asuming that you are going to hook it up to a PC make sure both the BIOS and
drive controller itself support 2.8m floppies and the drive type is set

Also a stupid question enters my mind :-) Where are you going to get a 2.8mb
floppy disk. I've seen maybe one or two in my entire life.


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