[rescue] More Ultra2 woes...

Gutschner, Marc marc.gutschner at itandfactory.com
Sat Oct 16 11:21:59 CDT 2004

Since my problems with the 501-2480 RAM sticks was resolved earlier this week, I've taken delivery of the second 300MHz CPU for my Ultra2 today. But to my dismay, I've got another "no go" :-/
If I plug the CPU into the 2nd processor slot, the machine wont even complete selftest. The keyboard LEDs "blip" when switching the machine on and it beeps. But then... nothing! Is there a possibilty that I have one of the "bad" motherboard revisions that don't work with two "different" 300MHz CPUs? I have one 501-4849 module and one 501-4196. As far as I could decipher the stickers on the system board, it's a 501-3132-17 Rev. 50. 
While browsing around on Sunsolve I just came across a note wrt this board, that "FFB2+ is not compatible with 300MHz Module 501-4196". My machine has an Creator3D aka (AFAIK) "FFB2+"...
Would this machine possibly run when I replace the "FFB2+" with some "dumb" SBUS frame buffer? I would rather have 2 CPUs in this machine than a colorful desktop ;-)
MTIA for any help,

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