[rescue] Rescued items available

William Barnett-Lewis wlewis at mailbag.com
Thu Oct 14 18:52:57 CDT 2004

Hello all,

Went dumpster diving at a computer recycler today. Came up with

599-2081-01 20/40GB, 8MM TAPE DRIVE, EXTERNAL (I think. Google gives 
that answer, but the pn doesn't show in the Sun System Handbook at 
Sunsolve.Hmm Found the same on ebay - "EXB-8900 8MM In Sun 611 Case")

CalComp Creation Station Pro tablet (software unobtainium?)

2 HP Surestore DAT24 (dds2 IIRC)

NextStation Color (looks like 16mb and 426mb)

All of this is available for best offer plus shipping.

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				Alex White

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