[rescue] FS/T : Dome Imaging MD4/PCX rev 11 board (fits Suns with PCI bus)

Patrick Giagnocavo patrick at mail.zill.net
Wed Oct 13 22:13:01 CDT 2004

I have a Dome Imaging Systems, MD4/PCX graphics card that came with an
Ultra 60 I bought; but I am using the U60 as a server and don't need
the card.

This is a relatively highend 32bit PCI card that can go up to
1736x2304 grayscale or 1280x1024 in color, and has stereo
capabilities, according to the specs.  It has both a 13W3 output
connector and what appears to be S-Video out as well.

Dome was bought by Planar, but the drivers and info are still on the
http://www.planar.com website.  

It runs in Windows 2000 (spit), NT 4.0 (blecch) and Digital Unix on
(yay!) Personal Workstation etc., as well as Sun Solaris.  So, it is a
truly cross-platform PCI card.

Note: I do not know if the driver works with Solaris 10 or not; Sol10
has a lot of changes in the kernel.

Email offers of trade or cash to me at patrick at zill.net .  I will
guarantee against DOA.

Useful trades include E4000 parts, SCA disks greater than 18GB, PCI
SCSI cards supported on Ultra 60 and the like.


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