[rescue] Wants and "wants to get rid of's"

Steve Hatle shatle at nfldinet.com
Tue Oct 12 18:39:03 CDT 2004


Going through the basement in prep for the Hamfest in St. Paul in a couple
of weeks. I've come across some things I'd like to find, and some things I'm
going to get rid of. I thought I'd ask here first. This crowd is a better
audience than the typical Hamfest/Geekfest crowd these days <grin>. There
may be more in the next couple of days as well...

Things I'm looking for:

SC <-> SC fiber to connect old Sparc Storage Array to the interface card.
I'm one short, and I can't seem to dig one up locally.

Memory boards for AlphaServer 2100. I have a 2100 with 4x200 Mhz CPU boards,
which leaves only two slots for memory. The 2 cards I have are 64 meg each,
so I'd like to find one or two higher density cards to slap in there. I
might be interested in faster CPU boards, but I don't want to invest too
much in this machine...

SS1000(E) boards, memory or > SM61 processors would be fun...

USB keyboard(s) suitable for Apple G3/CRT iMacs.

Things I've got:

A _bunch_ of DEC BA50 style power bricks. A mix of 180W and the smaller
(120W?) flavors.

A DEC BA50 shelf. Has a narrow SCSI interface card. I haven't tested it
since I got it. 

An assortment of DEC 2GB and 4GB drives in BA50 canisters. A mix of grey and

An internal disk shelf for from another 2100. Takes BA50 bricks. Untested.

A few 6U VME Sparc boards. I believe 1 or 2 Sparc2 class (Force) a Sparc 5
class, and a Sparc 20 class. I've never tested these since I don't have the
appropriate chassis- or a real application at this time.

A growing assortment of pre-G3 PowerMacs, and associated period


I live in Northfield, MN about 45 minutes south of the Twin Cities. I'd
rather this stuff find a home than sit around in my basement any longer, or
get dumped.

The DEC stuff I would give away to locals, or ship for cost of shipping plus
cheap beer money.

The Mac stuff about the same, though I'm less excited to pack that up.
Locals speak up! <grin>

The 6U VME stuff- I don't know. I can't vouch or it's condition, though it
should all be working from what I know. Make an offer, I guess.


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