[rescue] Pentium II OverDrive in quad config?

Lionel Peterson lionel4287 at verizon.net
Tue Oct 12 08:33:18 CDT 2004

> From: Michael-John Turner <mj at turner.org.za>
> Date: 2004/10/12 Tue PM 12:00:22 GMT
> To: rescue at sunhelp.org
> Subject: [rescue] Pentium II OverDrive in quad config?
> Hi all
> Has anyone tried Pentium II OverDrive processors in a quad config?  I have
> a Netfinity 7000 with 4 PPro 200s and with the low price of the Socket 8
> OverDrive CPUs on ePay (less than $20 ea) I was thinking of upgrading it. I
> seem to remember a thread on rescue about this a few years back but can't
> seem to find it now (and according to the Intel docs the CPUs were only
> tested in dual configs).

I defer to others for a more conclusive answer, but IIRC, the PPro was only supposed to work in dual CPU configurations - I think higher-denisty configurations were possible by creating multiple dual-CPU systems on one board...

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