[rescue] Re: SUN Ultra2 + 501-2480?

Gutschner, Marc marc.gutschner at itandfactory.com
Mon Oct 11 07:12:39 CDT 2004


> Odd, what slots are you putting them in? The larger DIMMs should
> go in the first banks, then smaller DIMMs in the remaining slots...

I'd even tried that - something a like to call "lab config": I'd pulled
all modules and put in just the bare minimum in the first bank. But it
didn't work - but see below ;-)

> Hope there's something useful above - if not, the DIMMs may be bad 
> and you should look for a financial remedy from the seller... (They 
> weren't listed AS-IS, were they?)

The seller ("bassetherder" on eBay) made a big fuzz about how careful he
handles all the DIMMs he sells - and I'm inclined to believe him according
to the effort he took to package the modules: Each module was individually
wrapped up in an anti-static bag, lots of protective material in the box and 

The solution to my problem was quite simple: it's been too early in the 
morning ;-) I just went down to my "cave" again with a cup of coffee and
took my time to carefully insert the "new" modules one by one, ensuring
they are properly seated - and now all is well ;-) The machine has just
completed booting into Solaris 9 without the slightest hiccup. Can't wait
until the second CPU arrives later this week to get some "serious" ;-)
work done.

Anyone care to share some (personal) impressions on how well the 
performance scales with multiple CPUs? At the moment I've one (soon 2)
300MHz CPU in this baby. Will it be worth the money to switch to 400MHz 
UltraSPARCs if I can get my hands on a matched pair?



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